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Shelly Van Goeye




Instagram: @shellyvangoeye

Phone: 616-566-0014

Location: Holland, Michigan  

Area of Specialization: Soul Rejuvenation, Emotional Healing

A Seeker. A Dreamer. A Creative – at heart.

Shelly has the gift of being able to connect with people at a deep level, and create a safe, open space for them to be real and share from the heart.

From building businesses to creating fine art… She loves the creative process. At its core, creativity is a spiritual process and that is what ignites the fire inside of her.

As a glass and metal artist, she has seen how the beauty and strength of these materials are forged in the fire. As it is with glass and metal, so it is with the soul. All the trials we face – the painful and challenging experiences in our lives, serve to forge our soul. Through the process of meeting our pain where it is, we are strengthened, and we evolve in to the next phase of our lives.

The life lessons in the studio, her training, and her own life experiences have prepared her to be your guide through a creative, get-to-the-heart-of-things process to help you find your way back to your self.

When not in the studio, you can find Shelly connecting with her family, hiking, biking, or reading and writing.

“Shelly has a deep and thorough understanding of complicated dynamics of life change. She is also a close and careful listener. As a coach, she is skilled at coupling this knowledge with empathy and accountability to help clients move through the mire of emotion to achieve healing. She has helped me see clearly so I can cope and thrive in some of the most challenging moments.”

–Debra H. 

“Shelly exudes compassion and understanding. At the end of our first session, I had a renewed sense of peace and hope.”

– Liz P.

“Having Shelly, as a coach, is a treat, she offers more than high skills but wisdom of the heart. She embraced me in a way I felt safe to totally open up, allowing what was hidden to surface for me in order to embrace and heal. She educated me first, and with confidence and determination, held me accountable for my own transformation. The result I experienced, was personal empowerment. I highly recommend Shelly to any one ready to remodel their life.”

– Vera L.


Shelly’s Soul’s Agenda

My soul’s agenda is to connect to the vitality of Spirit and express its meaning through life’s adventure.

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