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Kasia Brzeszcz






Phone: (760) 208-0277

Location: San Diego, California

Area of Specialization: Holistic Fitness & Wellness

Kasia is the owner of Kasia Fitness, a private fitness and wellness studio. She is the creator of Emotional Trauma Release (ETR), a therapeutic modality using crystal points and her intuitive healing touch.

Kasia is a personal trainer, wellness expert, and guru of body sculpting. She has over 18 years of experience in physical fitness. Competing in four bodybuilding competitions has earned her three trophies with two organizations. Kasia has been featured in multiple JNL Fusion infomercials for her transformations, along with before and after highlights in Oxygen Magazine.

As a graduate of Training Camp for the Soul Kasia’s spiritual healing journey was amplified and her holistic life coaching business was born. She hosts her clients in beautiful and sacred locations for workshops, retreats, and unique spiritual experiences.

Being a Soul’s Agenda facilitator has given Kasia the opportunity to live in her own Soul’s Agenda expression of authentic joy. Her clients experience unparalleled results in personal transformative growth mind-body-spirit-emotion.

Kasia was born in Krakow, Poland and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of three with her family. She grew up both in the Midwest and the Westcoast, but now resides in San Diego where she calls home.

Kasia loves to experience everything that beautiful sunny southern California has to offer with days at the beach, hikes in nature, and grounding herself with her toes in the sand every chance she gets.

When she is not playing with crystals, doing her art, or sound meditations, she is most likely playing with a dog.

“If you are serious about getting in the best shape of your life, Kasia is your girl! She is fun to work with, she always changes it up and keeps it interesting and of course challenging. She pushes me beyond what I even think I can do, and it’s really helped me believe in myself and my body’s ability to gain strength. She is such a wealth of knowledge in food, fitness, mind and spirit. Feel so blessed to have her as my coach! “ – Anat P.

“Kasia Fitness is beyond amazing. This woman is God sent! She works with your mind, soul, and of course your body! Kasia works with you from the inside and out. She not only helped me lose 25lbs but also walked me through discovering my Soul’s Agenda, which is: “to live powerfully while leading others to reach their full-potential.” Finding this has brought more understanding of myself and has helped me become more aware. I was feeling lost in the direction of where I wanted to go next in my career, and was not feeling passionate or satisfied. I am a soul believer that you can’t shoot at a target unless you know what the target goal is. You need to know your true desire and mission before pursuing it. Finding my Soul’s Agenda helped me figure out what steps I should be taking to be living true to myself. My Soul’s Agenda brought forth my subconscious desires to live powerfully.” -Agnieszka B.

“I’ve been to many personal trainers, boot camps, and other fitness programs and Kasia’s offerings are a game changer. She stands out for her fun, driven, and enthusiastic attitude as well as her clear and authentic investment in each of her clients. She really inspires me to keep showing up and never give up. Additionally, I love her practical approach to fitness wherein she’s helped me build impeccable technique and gain deeper physiological knowledge. She truly offers the whole package. When I workout with Kasia I feel like I’m giving a priceless gift to myself. She’s given me the tools to return to an authentically joyful kinesthetic engagement.” -Britania P.

Kasia’s Soul’s Agenda

My Soul’s Agenda is to Express Authentic Joy and inspire others to feel the same.


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