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Janice Grodsky





Phone: 602.821.7785

Location: Oceanside, California

Area of Specialization: Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Life Coach & Certified Soul Agenda Facilitator 

Janice Grodsky, an innovative coach, uses specialized techniques to provide “purpose seeking” men and women a safe and sacred space to connect more deeply with themselves, and to achieve personal and professional work-life balance.

She helps clients open to their intuition, connect with their inner child for healing and release karmic challenges. Janice guides her clients out of stagnation and into a place where they are able to tap into their creativity of mind/body and spirit. Janice’s clients experience more and better opportunities, including new job and career options, more profound and intimate personal relationships, greater self-love and stronger self-confidence.

A Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Life Coach and certified Soul Agenda facilitation expert, Janice uses a variety of modalities including TCM theories, Crystal Healing, EFT, Reflexology, and Art therapy for healing. She also holds a Master Level Reiki Certification, and is a Guided Intuitive Medium.

As a true Entrepreneur, Janice has owned/operated 3 successful businesses in California and Arizona. Janice currently lives in her hometown of Oceanside, CA with her teenage son. As a native she often walks the local beach strand for her spiritual and physical rejuvenation. You can also find her on the pool deck cheering on her son who plays both high school and club water polo.

When Janice experienced finding her Soul Agenda – her whole life suddenly made sense! It was like a light switch turned on! The pieces of her life fell into place and she knew at that moment that this was part of her. Part of her wholeness! It was immediate that she knew she had to share this work with others. In becoming a certified facilitator, the possibilities of impacting the lives of others globally created a passion inside of her that is unstoppable. Janice’s ability to connect intuitively while facilitating the process provides a unique experience for her clients.

“Janice was an amazing facilitator in helping me find my true soul’s agenda. As a personal trainer, I’m used to being the one helping other people. It was exhilarating to go through a process where someone was leading me towards discovering my purpose and strengths. I’ve been able to call upon my soul’s agenda when interacting with others and making plans for my future. In so doing, my choices & actions are flowing with more joy & ease. Thank you Janice!”
Stefanie Basso

“I can’t say enough about my experience working with Janice. She led me through the process to find my Soul’s Agenda with grace and ease. I’ll admit I was nervous at first—I didn’t know what I would find or discover, but Janice put me at ease right away. She helped me identify emotions attached to memories and weave together my past to help define my future! I highly recommend this process, especially under Janice’s guidance, to anyone!”
Erin Horner

“I was in a place in my life where I was searching for clarity around what I truly wanted to do. I was lacking confidence and felt unsure. I reached out to Janice for a coaching session. In that conversation I discovered that the finding my Soul Agenda sounded like exactly what I was looking for.

From the beginning of the zoom call Janice’s ability to keep me focused, at ease and engaged even when some resistance arose was great. I was impressed with her expertise in keeping the process gently moving so to not overthink my responses. Her incredible listening skills and engagement along with her natural intuitive abilities helped me not only find my word, but to construct and create my soul agenda statement.

Janice has the ability to bring into focus what I was unable to see on my own. I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking for clarity, a new understanding of themselves or wondering what lights up their soul.

Finding my Soul’s Agenda has helped to be more confident, helps me center when I get distracted and to connect to what is truly important to me and my life path.

My Soul’s Agenda is to feel confident and to creatively connect with others to make a difference.
Denise R.

Janice’s Soul’s Agenda

My Soul Agenda is to feel WHOLE and to EMPOWER and INSPIRE others to feel the same.

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