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Grace Sundman




Instagram: @nalu_way

Phone: 201-572-1488

Location: Raleigh, NC

Area of Specialization: Healing and Wellness

Grace Sundman has always had a fascination with anatomy and movement. She began practicing Iyengar Yoga over 20 years ago to help her deal with some injuries incurred while training for the NYC marathon. She taught Yoga for 15 years and then decided to get certified as a Licensed Massage Therapist, giving her an opportunity to delve further into the Healing Arts. This began her journey into the mind/body connection. Some of her training and certifications include Neurokinetic Therapy, John Barnes Myofascial Release, Restorative Breathing, Reiki, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability (DNS), Applied Kinesiology, Energy Healing and Qigong. She has recently become certified as a Sensation Based Motivation Coach, which is in perfect synergy with all of her previous trainings. Through both personal experience and her educational training, Grace has developed a true holistic understanding to help people flow into the health that they are meant to experience, and to the life that they are meant to live.
What started out as postural corrective work has turned into life changing mind/body self-awareness. Grace has taught me how much our thoughts can effect our daily lives….I feel like a new person today and do not know what I would have done without our sessions.  –
-Kate Rutherford, Fashion Consultant
Meeting Grace has seriously opened my Soul to a whole new world or form of being.  
-Israel Diaz, Personal Trainer
Grace has gathered an impressive amount of skills and knowledge that make her unlike anyone else. She will use any combination of those tools to make you feel better than you ever have before. My body is singing her praises right now from just one session.
-Alan Kielian, Fascial Stretch Therapist
Grace has a true gift of being able to help you listen to your body on both a physical and emotional level.
-Joyce Weiland, President SoftPro
Grace has enabled me to trust my body again, listen to my own voice, find my inner strength, and given me confidence to move through the next stage of my life in a new harmonious way.
-Briana Hohnarth, Gyrotonic Instructor


Grace’s Soul’s Agenda

My Soul’s Agenda is to experience DEEP CONNECTION and embolden others to explore their own depth of being.

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