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Sensation-Based Mindset Coach

Augusta Good Krahl


Location: Shelburne, VT

Area of Specialization: Life and Wellness Coaching

     I used to struggle with self-worth and self-acceptance and would let fear, guilt, and anxiety dictate my decisions and actions in life. I struggled to meet my personal and professional goals, was full of self-doubt, and took care of everyone but myself. The result? I was stressed out, unhealthy, in constant overwhelmed, and was avoiding and numbing my feelings.

     For the past three years I have invested in myself by working with multiple Life Coaches and going through two Life Coaching Certification programs. I have been able to uncover the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from feeling confident and worthy of my abilities. I learned that these limiting beliefs produce the fears that dampen our intuition and silence our inner voice. They keep us stuck in self-sabotaging patterns, indecision, and anxiety, and keep us from living a life of joy and purpose. By working with coaches to become aware of these beliefs, to understand where they came from and why, and then to use mind/body based tools to modify and replace them with new, more powerful beliefs has allowed me to step forward with confidence into my potential and to achieve the professional and personal successes I have for desired for so long.

     I am now on a lifelong journey of becoming my most empowered and aligned self, of daily striving to live to my fullest potential and to confidently stand in my own truth. And, I am committed to helping others do the same. My past struggles have become my most valuable gifts as they allow me to work with my clients so that they too can become aware of and move through the patterns and beliefs that are holding them back from achieving the success and joy in life they desire and deserve.

     Augusta Good Krahl holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Biochemistry from The University of California, San Diego and a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science from The University of Vermont. With over 20 years of working in research studying the cellular origins of disease, with clients as a Behavioral Weight Management Specialist, and now as Life Coach, Augusta combines her expertise in body, beliefs, and behavior to facilitate powerful, sustainable transformation with her clients.

     As a Life and Wellness Coach, Augusta is certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and in Sensation-Based Mindset Coaching.

“Augusta brings a unique perspective to her coaching sessions. She listens and assesses, and then communicates with a deeper and broader understanding than I brought to the session. I have benefited from her skills and insight. Not only has she has given me different tools to develop, she has helped me delve into my own past to recognize certain patterns that held me back from progressing in my goals. She is highly intelligent, deeply compassionate and clearly inspired by her own experiences and lessons, and how she can help others. I believe that any client of Augusta’s will benefit from her experience and coaching style.”

Alison, Texas 2018

“Augusta jumps head first into her own life, looking for awareness, creating powerful, meaningful actions based on her personal transformation. Her integrity and knowledge in coaching come from much more than her training, it is her complete desire to live it herself. She is walking her talk so profoundly that I can’t imagine another coach who could be there with you so completely. She is deep, joyful, intelligent and so very open to life’s experience. Hire her, and life will never be surface level or small for you again.”

Deanna Stull, CVPCC, PCC CXO –,

“I’ve known and worked with Augusta for some time now and I’ve always been amazed how quickly she got to the real underlying issues for me. Intuitive, sharp as a razor, yet with real caring she broke through my stories to the truth. And as they say “the truth sets you free”. Augusta is an incredible coach using a unique methodology and I would highly recommend her.”Dave R., CEO – Montreal, Canada

Augusta’s Soul’s Agenda

My Soul’s Agenda is to feel the openheartedness of CONFIDENCE in myself, my value, and power and to work with others so that they may find the same within themselves.

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