Find Your Soul’s Agenda Facilitator
Sensation-Based Motivation Coach

Ann Lynch



Phone: (508) 733-3342

Location: Milford, MA

Area of Specialization: Health and Healing

Ann has always been passionate about health, fitness and the mind/body connection. Her purpose has always been to center, empower, support, and serve others so that they can enjoy the wealth of health available in their bodies. As a child she was involved in competitive and individual sports which proved that she was a team player and had a certain discipline in her own right. Physical exercise and nature have always been very important to Ann. Growing up on a farm enabled her to have experiences with Nature that others could only dream of.

In her younger years Ann always felt different and that there was something missing in her life. She needed to find out what that was. It was in helping serve others through healing modalities that she started to see the mind body connection and find her purpose more clearly. Taking Yoga training in 2012-2013 really opened the door for this deeper understanding. It has all come together now with the most current training in Sensation-Based Mindset Motivation Coaching. Along with the practice of yoga she enjoys biking, running, gardening, and walking Rosie, her Beagle. She is the mother of 2 daughters who have taught her many valuable lessons in life.

Ann is certified in the following:

– 200 hour Body Matrix Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Training

– Baron Baptiste 40 days to Personal Revolution
– Designing Sequencing & Transforming Adjustments

– Enofic Ray, Jikiden Reiki and Crystal Healing

– Girl Power Go Instructor

– Jon Kabat Zinn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
– Kidding Around Yoga (KAY)

– Myofascial Release

– Meridian Yoga

– Practical Yoga Instructor Training
– Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
– Sensation Based Motivation Coaching
– Spinning Lifetime Certified and AFAA
– The Roll Model Method: The Science of Rolling
– The Roll Model Method: Ball Sequencing and Innovation
– Yin Yoga Teacher Training Foundation Level 1

– YogaFit Teacher Training Level One

– YogaFit Props Workshop

“It was an amazing experience working with Ann to uncover my Soul’s Agenda! She took her time to get to know and understand me, and helped me find what resonated the most with me on a spiritual level.
Her kindness, patience, openness and keen sense of connection really made it a wonderful experience that I’ve already recommended to several friends. If you’re considering finding your Soul’s Agenda, take the leap with Ann at your side and you’ll be grateful that you did!”

-Peace and Blessings, Jen

“I met Ann when I was struggling with chronic pain and illness.  She very gently and with great mentorship helped me to regain my strength physically, emotionally and most importantly spiritually by her thoughtful combination of yoga, energy work and meditation.

Ann has a unique talent of adapting to whatever the day/event brings and without hesitation delivers a yoga experience unique to the needs of her attendees.  She has been a pleasure to learn from, practice with and has become a lifelong friend.”


“Yoga is a very personal journey and I am lucky to have found Anne.   She is a very special woman!  Through her classes she teaches you to be kind and accepting of yourself.  My body and soul feel nourished after a class with Anne.”

-Namaste, Renee

“I love yoga with Miss Anne because you get to do fun poses.  Sometimes you get to make up your own poses.  We play fun games and get to put pom poms between our toes!”

-Finn, age 8

“Ann is amazing!  She is an excellent yoga instructor who gave me confidence as a new yoga student.  She has inspired me to grow in my own practice. Her superior knowledge of yoga and healing techniques combined with physiology knowledge and her radiant personality make me want to practice with her as much as possible. Her positive energy is infectious.  Ann has an uncanny ability to know just what you need when you practice with her.  I love yoga because of Ann!  She has changed my life for the better. I thank you for being in my life!”


“Today I had a sensation-based mindset coaching session with Anne where we identified a tightness/compression feeling I’ve had in my right upper chest. I have been feeling this for about five years and noticed it when I was in a toxic relationship 5 years ago. I would notice it when I got anxious or upset. It has continued to follow me for the last five years and when I feel stressed or anxious I feel the tightness in my upper right chest area.  I am scheduled to undergo a thoracotomy/lobectomy/sleeve resection in a few days and want to clear everything weighing on me from my chest area. 

Anne had me ground myself feeling support in my feet and my back and close my eyes and imagine/focus on the tightness or ball, as I described it, that was giving me the feeling of compression in my upper chest area. Then we identified a release area which was the top of my head. As we went back-and-forth focusing on the tightness/compression to the release area, she had me expand both areas. As I focused on the expansion, I could literally feel as though the ball had cracked open and was moving up through my neck through the right side of my head and released out of my body at the top of my head.  

As it was releasing tears began streaming down my face and I felt such a relief in releasing that tension I’ve been holding for so long. Tears streamed from my eyes for several minutes and I began to feel the calmness and a warmth in my entire upper chest area. It spread throughout my whole chest area down to the center of my torso and gave me a sense of calmness and happiness. 

It was truly amazing the lightness that I felt in that area afterwords.

Thank you so much for your coaching and the time to sit with me. It was fascinating to experience…like nothing I’ve ever felt before.” 


“If you haven’t taken Ann’s class before you are in for a REAL TREAT! She is so focused and will create an aura of relaxation. Ann always has good and memorable sayings and quotes at the end of the class that are very memorable and timely. I’ve been using her “words” for years, always reposting to keep in check. Ann is truly the BEST — never disappoints. Wish I was closer so I could join in. Be Well. and ROCK ON!”  


Ann’s Soul’s Agenda

My Soul’s Agenda is to feel empowered with inherent worthiness and inspire others to feel the same.

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