About The Book

Life is simple. But we make it complex. What if you could stop making your life complicated and start making it successful?

Find your soul’s agenda answers the call of every spiritual person who has ever found themselves feeling frustrated by the myriad of people who will tell you to “be authentic” without explaining how to actually DO that. The Find Your Soul’s Agenda process walks you through a step by step process that culminates with a simple, yet profoundly deep and completely wholistic explanation of who you are that will make your whole life make sense.

Ani Anderson has decoded the mystery and pulls back the curtain on the inner workings of the universe in a profoundly simplistic way. Never again wonder what’s wrong with you or your life. Learn the reason why you are alive and how to express that wisdom with every decision you make.  

What people are saying

about Find Your Soul’s Agenda…

David Neagle, Best-Selling Author of The Millions Within

“This book for is for you if you want to understand the truth of who you are so that you can lead a successful life, regardless of your current situation.”

Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

“Real and honest, Finding Your Soul’s Agenda cuts through the superficial noise and helps people develop the courage to transform their lives and inspire others along the way.”

Dr. Roger Jahnke, Best-Selling Author of The Healing Promise of Qi and The Healer Within

“Ani’s work represents hope for the future of our world by giving people a practical system to embrace immense complexities and the duality within themselves so that true balance and harmony can manifest in their lives.”

Terri Britt, Former Miss USA, award winning author of "The Enlightened Mom," radio host and founder of Women Leaders of Love Global Community.

“I’ve been walking a spiritual path and teaching self-love and empowerment for two decades. I didn’t realize there was a missing piece I didn’t understand about myself until I read Ani’s book. It has transformed my life!” ~ Former MIss USA Terri Britt, award winning author of “The Enlightened Mom,” radio host and founder of Women Leaders of Love Global Community.

What you will learn in this book…


Find Your Soul’s Agenda and have a clear purpose statement for why you are alive.


Understand once and for all your subconscious mind’s most prominent and habitual resistance pattern.


Have a compass for powerful decision making so that you never wonder what you should do ever again.


Define your unique success signature and understand how you impact and influence others naturally.
“Knowing your Soul’s Agenda is like having the key to your life handed to you. Then all you need to do is unlock life. Working with Ani and finding my Soul’s Agenda started making my whole life make sense!”
Briana Graziani

Yoga Teacher, Sensation-Based Mindset Coach

“The moment I connected with my Soul’s Agenda my entire life suddenly made sense!”


Janice Blair Grodsky

Spiritual Connection Life Coach, Soul Agenda Facilitator

Before taking the Soul’s Agenda course, I fantasized about suicide because life sucked and each day was such a freakin’ struggle. Now, I quite literally feel like a different person, because of that ONE WORD that was embedded in my soul. One word that has finally brought peace and understanding as to why I have struggled so much in this new place. My gratitude and love for Ani is deep.”


Amy Green

Mother of Three

“Finding my Soul’s Agenda was transformative for me. Finding my ‘Purpose Word’ with Ani was an incredible exercise that revealed to me that I do have everything I need within me to live a life full of purpose, joy, and abundance. This work helped me discover and understand the energy blocks that have been keeping me from attaining my goals and truly living my soul’s purpose.”


Augusta Good Krahl

Life and Sensation-Based Mindset Coach

“I can feel the vibrancy in all the cells of my body after doing the Find Your Soul’s Agenda work!”


Stacey Brown

Massage Therapist and Sensation-Based Mindset Coach

“Finding my Soul’s Agenda with Ani was a huge turning point for me. I was TOTALLY miserable in life (for no reason!) but I didn’t know what to change. I was completely resisting my natural urge to be playful. Once I realized all I am truly meant to do is HAVE FUN everything started to shift. It has taught me to be myself 100% unapologetically – a feeling I had always desired. Now I’m doing it and pursuing my dream life…Sure, I don’t know all the details quite yet, but that’s not up to me – as long as I’m PLAYING on the way there!”


Jenna Graziani

Online Business Manager, Coach

About the Author


Ani Anderson, MS, OT, LMT, CEMP, SBMC is the creator of the Find Your Soul’s Agenda process and co-creator of Sensation-Based Mindset coaching. Ani’s goal is to help people navigate life’s challenges with grace and gratitude rather than the toxic emotions that ultimately affect their health, vitality and quality of life.

Ani has had many outward successes in her life, from broadway to business, however her most treasured success has been becoming a person, wife and parent that she’s proud to be and facilitating that same growth in the lives of the people she has led in her coaching practice. She has written articles, been featured on podcasts and presented countless workshops on the topics of entrepreneurship, parenting and bodymind energetics.

Ani lives in a log cabin in the woods, nestled between the foothills of the Adirondack mountains and Lake Champlain. She, her husband and kids can often be found swimming in the lake, skiing, enjoying the amazing local food or riding the ferry boat back and forth to school.